10 Super Hot JILI Slot Machine Games (part 1)

10 Super Hot JILI Slot Machine Games (part 1)

10 Super Hot JILI Slot Machine Games (part 1)

JILI slot games are a popular online casino slots brand that are easy to play and solve in Hawkplay. The games combine classic slot machine elements with more innovative game design, such as HD animations, attractive themes and immersive soundtracks.

You can play JILI slot machine demos for free at Hawkplay . The list of 10 hot JILI slot games below :

Lucky Goldbricks Slot Machine

Lucky Goldbricks is an online slot game created by Jili Gaming that has a theme like this. Lucky Goldbricks has 5 reels and 30 paylines. On the paytable present in this game, you will notice only five basic symbols – a single bar, double bars, triple bars, a silver seven and a gold seven. When a player lands at least 5 golden bricks (Scatter icons) on the reels, it triggers the bonus game.

Bonus Game

Appearing 5 or more Scatter Gold Bricks in the main game will activate the bonus game.
Gold Bricks rounds where the payout depends on the number of Scatter Gold Bricks that appear in the main game.
All gold bricks are selected and summed up, which will produce payouts attached to the gold brick in the bonus game. Then, from 7 free spins.
In the free game, Gold Brick will win payouts with coin attachment.
If 5 or more gold bricks appear in the free game, there are retriggered bonus games. Gold Brick payouts will be added together.
Retriggered with 5 free spins in the bonus game.


The initial bonus game has chances to win Jackpot Gold Brick and get the corresponding payouts directly.
The bonus game will end directly and return to the main game after winning the jackpot.

Super Ace Slot Machine

Super Ace has 5 reels and 1024 ways to win. There are four combinations of playing cards, as well as a jack, queen, king and ace that serve as basic symbols. Each of these cards also has a gold version. The golden versions only appear on the middle three reels and when they are discarded, they will turn into a wild card. The wild card can replace any of the missing base symbols if necessary. It can also appear as a small joker or a large joker that replicates on a few other positions. In addition, consecutive wins in this game come with a progressive win multiplier. Finally, land three Scatter icons to activate ten free spins where the progressive win multiplier is increased.

Free Game

Collect three Scatters to receive 10 free game rounds.
In the free game, the Eliminatino multiplier is double that of the general game, and is increased to x2, x4, x6, x10.
In the free game, the Eliminatino multiplier rules are the same as in the general game, only the Eliminatino multiplier values are double those of the general game.
Collect three Scatters in the free game to receive 5 extra rounds of free play, which can be accumulated multiple times

Fortune Pig Slot Machine

Fortune Pig Slot Machine is a classic online slot game from Jili Gaming that can be played on all platforms. The slot game applies for a bonus of up to 1000 bets with the Hawkplay . The maximum multiplier BONUS is 1000X. You must collect as many pigs as possible for higher rewards. Pigs must be collected in a 3×3 table with five different prize pools waiting for you and incredible big prizes beyond imagination!

Fortune Red Pig Respin (Lock & Respin)

Activates respin if one or more fortune red pig appears on reels.
Any types of pigs will be locked via red ribbon and the rest symbols will start free respin.

Fortune Yellow Pig Expansion (Expand Downward 1~2 Places)

The yellow Fortune Pig appears only at the top of each roll.
When one or more yellow fortune pigs appear, it expands downward in up to two places.
Expanded symbols will not trigger any other effects.

Money Coming Slot Machine

Money Coming Slot has a special symbol, a multiplier wheel, which is a different multiplication image. The Money Coming Slot game is different from other slot games in Hawkplay, as other games must be promoted by three special symbols lined up to enter the free game mode. This game will have a special symbol for each spin. The win rate depends on the number in front, combined with the multiplication rate.

Special Wheel

The front wheel does not have to win the online connection prize. The corresponding special effect will be given for the symbol on which the special wheel lands

Green or Red SCATTER

The player could win a chance to play the Lucky Wheel.
Bet 5 unlocks the green SCATTER.
Bet 50 is a red SCATTER upgrade.

Lucky Coming Slot Machine

Lucky Coming Slot Elephant head game or Ganesha slot god of success Prosperous in all areas, especially financial matters. Win big prizes from this game. Just the wild symbol or the Ganesha symbol connected 3 images, get it immediately, the jackpot is 1,111 times, multiplied by the amount that the player bets. The lucky coming slot is developed by Jili Bet Gaming. Enjoy this game.


Replaces all symbols in the game.
Randomly changes to X3, X5 or X9 on the middle reel only.
The combination of three Wilds is the highest payout, 1111 multipliers.
When payline wins and Wild appears on the middle reel, it always turn into a random multiplier and the prize will be multiplied in Hawkplay !
x3 All prices for this tour x3
x5 All prices for this tour x5
X9 All prices for this tour x9

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