13 Easy Earn Cash Online Fishing Gambling Games part 1

13 Easy Earn Cash Online Fishing Gambling Games part 1

13 Easy Earn Cash Online Fishing Gambling Games part 1

You can easily find and play an online fishing gambling shooter game for real money in Philippine. You can do it from your home or by visiting an internet cafe. But before you dive into your new fish game adventure, Hawkplay think it’s important to understand what these games are all about and what they offer players. If you want to know more about the best skill fish games, then you’ve come to the right place – you can find out more by reading the rest of Hawkplay review below.

Boom Legend Fishing Game Max Bonus 88,888

Boom Legend is an online monster shooting game from JILI gaming. The game will have a similar way of playing as the fish shooter games, but will switch from fish to monster, so you won’t get bored with the same style. Kill the BONUS monsters to win the cash prize shown in the table, the bigger your bet the more likely your bonus will be at the higher end of the bonus range. The MAX BONUS is 88,888.

Cai Shen Fishing Up Win To 1000X

Cai Shen Fishing is an online fishing game of great quality and allows players to receive points in large multiples. It is a multiplayer fishing game, and each ball trajectory shot by the player will depend on the direction of the gun. When the ball hits the edge of the game interface, it will bounce until the ball hits a fish and determines the outcome of the game. Each player has a maximum of 10 balls in the game. Each ball can have a different bet. Adjusting the barrel will not change the balls that have been fired.

Cai Shen Fishing Features

Up to 1000X when winning red envelopes
Up to 1000X when winning CAI SHEN FA FA FA
Get the chance to win 100~300X when CAI SHEN coming
Up to 200X when winning Wheel of Fortune
20 to 100 free bullets randomly when winning the Fortune Bazooka, and may get the chance to win up to 999 free bullets again
Supporting multi-players to play online with the optional gaming rooms of Newbie, Expert, and CaiShen

Dinosaur Tycoon Fish Game Up To Max of 1,500X

Dinosaur Tycoon is a popular shooting game with the latest fish captured by dinosaurs in JILI games, easy to break, earn real money. The player participates in shooting dinosaurs, dragons, kings, elephants, giant monsters and gold. The destruction rate of the dinosaur 

game has a maximum X1500 multiplier to the golden limit of the giant T-Rex dinosaur.

Golden Mammoth

If Golden Mammoth captured that wins the prizes according to the paytable. If bet increased that the chance of winning will increase as well.
The higher the bet, the more bonus the player will receive.
Bet 0.1 Range Jacpot 100-200.
Bet 0.2-0.8 during Jackpot 300-500.
Bet 0.9-9 during Jackpot 3000-5000.
Bet 10-50 Range Jacpot 30,000-50,000.
Bet 60-100 Range Jacpot 60,000-80,000.
When killing the Golden Mammoth, players will be able to win all the Bonuses displayed in the Bonus panel.

5 Dragons Fishing Game Win Up To 1,800X

5 Dragons Fishing game is an online fishing game created by JDB, inspired by Eastern Spirit Beasts of divine fortune entering the waters of the Four Seas. It is a multiplayer game, which means that several players can play it online at the same time. As far as visual elements are concerned, players can expect animated fish and other creatures of different colors on the screen and a view of the ocean floor in the background.

5 Dragons Fishing Game Features 

A 1,800-time maximum reward for the Treasure War of the Five Dragons
50-500 reward for the Five Dragons Patrolling the Seas
30 rounds for the Shark Mouth Cannon
30 Depth Charge Bullets rounds
Multiplayer. Choose among the Happy Hall, Regal Hall, and Five Dragons Hall

Dragon Master Fish Shooting Game Win Up To 3,600X

Dragon Master is a new 3D fish shooting game from JDB Gaming. The game will have a similar way of playing as the fish shooting games, but will switch from fish to dinosaur, so you won’t get bored with the same style.

Target the Supreme Wyvern to trigger consecutive Reel Combo, HEAVENLY BLESSING, random free packs, get a chance to win 3600X in great prizes! How to hunt dragons without a weapon? Activate BOOMERANG and EXPLOSIVE to help you chase dragons more easily! Hit the golden dragon egg to trigger several random bonuses. In search of the dragon era, you will meet masters from all over the world.

Happy Fishing Slot Machine Max To 950X

Gem Turtle brings a prize of 8 odds, change your world without ever losing! Release Torpedo to kill the target effortlessly! Special cash and super boss prizes make you feel good!

Mega Octopus Wheel

Once the octopus is killed, you will have the opportunity to spin the wheel.
You immediately earn the indicated multiplier when the wheel stops spinning.
If you land on the “Golden Wheel”, you will have a chance to spin the GOLDEN WHEEL, with a chance to win up to 950x multiplier!

Royal Fishing Shooting Game Max To 350X

Royal Fishing Shooting Game offers a variety of activities. Allowing players to join in the fun and win prizes in many ways. For this game, in addition to having many big prizes in the game, the game also offers special prizes. Is an ongoing event especially for fans of fish shooting games These activities have been modified and added to the fun in new ways throughout the month.

Royal Fishing Shooting Game Features

Lobster if the player kills successfully There will be an explosion with other fish in the vicinity.
Lightning Lobster This is free ammunition with no limit on the number of bullets. But will limit the period of use is 15 seconds.
Chain Lightning – After a successful elimination, you will receive a chain lightning to shock the fish in the vicinity.
Crab that explodes after a successful kill The game will explode other fish in the pond.
The sea lord is one of the bosses in the game, there are 2 of them.

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