13 Easy Earn Cash Online Fishing Gambling Games part 2

13 Easy Earn Cash Online Fishing Gambling Games part 2


13 Easy Earn Cash Online Fishing Gambling Games part 2

With online fishing gambling games in Hawkplay, you are instantly connected to a beautiful underwater world where an octopus holds a giant jackpot and millions of colorful fish are waiting to be slaughtered. This exciting online fishing game opens a new era for players because there is no reel, just choose your weapon and start winning unlimited money immediately in Hawkplay. Don’t know how to play fish shooting games online? It’s so simple, choose your weapon and start shooting fish, the more bets you win, the more chances you have to kill the big fish and trigger the progressive jackpot. The list of 13 Easy Earn Cash online fishing games as below:

KA Fish Hunter Game

KA Fish Hunter is a game that will make you feel good from the very first moment. For this reason, shooting fish becomes very attractive and is the most popular online hunting game today. Whales, sharks, swordfish are getting closer, aim for the biggest ones to shoot! Let’s win all the prizes at home

KA Fish Hunter Game Features

Several exciting fishing scenes
To catch 21 varieties of sea creatures with powerful guns
Chance to cause a chain reaction and kill a number of fish
Chance to earn up to 7 times random multipliers or freeze bomb functions to stop acting

Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

Jackpot Fishing a fish shooting game with a main feature of jackpot. The game was developed by JILI, a game company that has developed and created many exciting fish shooting games. Many of the games created by the camp are unique, especially this one. Where the game focuses on the jackpot prize What is the biggest prize in the game There are payouts similar to slot games where players can win prizes before they grow.

Shooting Fish Cashback You can choose from 18 levels, the game returns from 30 to 50,000, the level you get depends on the amount we use to bet.
There are 3 levels of cashback rewards: copper treasure chest, silver treasure chest, golden treasure chest. As for the cash prize, it is different as follows: 1-50 / 10-500 / 50-2,500 The conditions for receiving the prize are Players will need to accumulate points. The score comes from the money we use for betting.
Weekly cashback This is the accumulation of points from betting. If you complete the game, you can receive rewards.

Fishing Disco Game Win Up to 1,000X

Dive into the lively underwater world with Fishing Disco. Shoot cannons at fish and objects on the ocean floor and get a chance to win up to 1000 times the bets. You also have the opportunity to get a bonus game, guess the ball from the options presented and win money. The game is very simple and exciting, you can not remain indifferent and want to return again and again.

Fishing Disco Features

Dance with Rock and Roll Fish King, the king of disco, receive up to 300X rewards.
Swinging Dragon Disco offers up to 1000X rewards.
With Dance Music Wheel, every night is a disco night, receive up to 200X rewards.
Special Weapon, Disco Cannon and Happy Bomb, spice up the atmosphere with lots of fun.

Lucky Fishing Game

Lucky Fishing is presented in the color of the game which is very comfortable with bright colors that come alive while playing. The game has colors in bright tones and looks comfortable with the turquoise tone of the game. This also sets the mood through relaxation in the game. It is not only the unique color palette of the game. The system in the game is also interesting.If it is a feature of the game It is exceptional, not to lose other camp games. Including the game fish that players can choose to shoot. There are many small and special fish. So don’t wait any longer, let’s take a look at the game’s specials.

Bombing Fishing Game

Bomb the fish for the ultimate prizes, Bombing Fishing is here to make you rich! Innovative golden bomb and torpedo mode available, release the golden bombs to bomb the fishing spots. Release the torpedoes for powerful attacks and kill the targets without sweating. The game has added more features in the game and created graphics to make the fish look more like a cartoon character.

There are many species of fish for us to choose from and shoot the type that we can not choose at all. You can also win lucky crab prizes with random payouts up to 1200 times and for all those who love fish shooting games.

Mega Fishing Game Online

Mega Fishing is an online fish shooting game from JILI gaming that has a similar gameplay to Jackpot Fishing, but with more features and effects when you kill strange fish such as explosive crabs. Come and experience the fun. Get a new one for free now.

Mega Fishing Game Features

he giant deep sea squid has arrived. Comes with a lucky wheel allows you to become a millionaire without knowing the most beautiful images of fish shooting games. Win big prizes with special fish. Easily chase the lord of the sea. Many rewards await you. Eye-catching deep sea fish Spectacular shooting turrets Perfect swarm of fish And the mountain of gold coins will surprise you when you fish! The game is divided into eating moments and moments as long as you can control the moments.

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