14 Must Be Playing JILI Slot Demo and Free Play Games 2

14 Must Be Playing JILI Slot Demo and Free Play Games 2

14 Must Be Playing JILI Slot Demo and Free Play Games 2

The website offers you more selection of free casino games. All of our free slot machines are no download and will allow you to play for as long as you want. And if you decide to play for real money, check out one of our recommended online slot casinos at Hawkplay.

JILI slot games are primarily aimed at the Asian iGaming market. However, this software provider hopes to go global. In the following, we offer you a series of JILI slots demos and free online casino games to play. Please continue to follow the information and enjoy the games.

Play Fortune Gems Slot Demo

Fortune Gems slot from JILI Gaming comes in the form of a story of betting gems in the game. The theme gives an impression of rich treasures and gems full of treasures with the background of the game similar to the Egyptian period. Moreover, this is another game that slot machines are easy to break. The Fortune Gems slot is a 3-reel, 3-row video slot with multiplier function symbols. Players will find 8 basic symbols, and the game also has a special symbol, the Wild symbol, to help players win money more easily.

Egyptian culture full of gems is an easy game to crack, it comes in the form of a 4X3 reel, each time you can win up to 15X plus an additional 2x bet, wealth gems when 3 identical gem symbols appear from left to right, they are rewarded and the wilds help the player. Fortune Gems is a great slot for beginners! Due to the low volatility it has, the player can win more frequently. The simple 3×3 and 5 paylines make it very easy for new players.

Highest multiplier: 375X
Bonus Wheel multiplier includes six multipliers available: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x.
Additional betting mode up to 15x.
Wild Symbol can substitute any symbol, getting 3 continuous combos will have a bonus of 25x and a chance to get the bonus of all combos.

Play Diamond Party Slot Demo

Diamond Party slot is inspired by various fruits that make the game colorful. If rewarded with an online payout, the reels will light up to celebrate the bonus winners. The slot game with 5 reels, 3 lines, common symbols such as 7 bells, watermelons, oranges, cherries and grapes, when the player gets 5 diamonds on the reels, wins a 500 multiplier and this payline game has 3 pictures. Play the slots and enjoy incredible rewards. Will satisfy friends who are looking for great wins.

Highest multiplier: 1200X
Repeat free prize.
Diamonds are forever roll’em and get richer.
The slots are colorful and pleasing to the eye. The graphics make players want to play.
Start the spins at a cheap one bet price, suitable for low cost bettors.
The game is often broken, easy to break, suitable for winning profits.

Play Lucky Ball Slot Demo

Lucky Ball slot is played on 5 reels and has 25 paylines. This time the paytable consists of nine basic symbols – two green drink glasses, a saxophone, four playing card icons of different colors, a microphone, a mask and a beautiful lady. You can also find a tiara with colorful feathers that serves as a wild icon. It appears on the first four reels and substitutes for the basic symbols when it can help players to achieve winning combos. The protagonist of the game must collect this Lucky Bull, as it will bring you luck. If you collect 15 Lucky Bulls and appear on the reels at the same time in 10 free spins, the bonus game will end early and you will win prizes. The more Lucky Bulls you collect, it means that the god of luck is watching over you.

Highest multiplier: 1200X
Wild Symbol offers chances to win prizes including Mega Win, Super Win and Super Mega Win.
Bonus Symbol: When three or more disco balls appear in the game, they will activate 10 free spins. Once the free spins are over, the entire reels will be covered with disco balls.
Special Symbol: The Blonde Hottie is the highest payout symbol in the game, offering 16 to 175 times the odds. The mask is the second highest pay symbol in the game, offering 14 to 140 times the rewards.

Play Romax Slot Demo

Romax slot is certainly one of the best JILI demo slots! Our main role is a beautiful warrior. She is to experience the exciting war lion duel with the player. Once the bonus game is entered, the player will be led into a duel in the Roman arena, and will fight to the death depending on the outcome of the flip. The war lion leads a fierce attack and defense, and the bonus game ends after the warrior has been attacked 3 times.

RomaX online slot games are different from traditional Roma slot games in many ways. The fighter can enter the bonus period by entering the bonus game feature, and the Prince of Rome is Wild symbol will help break the jackpot more easily than before. And Lady Champs offers the highest odds and jackpots on the site.

Once the player gets 4 combos to enter the slot’s free spins, as long as they are cleared in a row, they can collect blue gems and increase the number of spins again. This is good news for players, and it means that we have countless opportunities to spin to win the prize. The chance of entering the game’s bonus game is lower than that of free spins, but once they can successfully enter the Roman arena, players can usually get many benefits and return with a full load.

Highest multiplier: 500X
Combo lead to free spin: if you reach 4, 5, 6 and 7 consecutive eliminations in the same round, you can get 3, 5, 10 and 20 free spins respectively.
If there are 3 on the board, the bonus game will be triggered and the screen will be transferred to the Roman arena to fight with the war lions. If the warrior successfully hits the war lion or defends herself against the war lion’s attack, she will receive a reward, but the war lion has a chance to dodge the warrior’s attack.
The WILD symbol can replace any symbol except the BONUS symbol in the game.

Play Boxing King Slot Demo

The Punch King slot game will make you feel like you’re in the ring with its striking 3D graphics, spectacular spins and exhilarating effects. If you get a bell symbol during a spin, enter Free Spin and get more chances to claim a prize when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear.

JILI Gaming’s Boxing King slot is the hottest 2021 slot that comes in the Boxing King slot game theme. There are two types of free games and can be attributed to both free spins and Scatter. When entering the scatter phase, combos or multipliers of up to 5 spins can be obtained when entering free spins. Chance to win great prizes inside the game too. The King of Boxing slot has a free spins symbol that substitutes for the other symbols (except for the Scatter symbol) in the form of a bell. The free spins symbols will help you enter the free game mode. or free It gives a chance to win big prizes, including Mega Win, Super Win and Super Mega Win.

If you played “Street Fighter” as a child, I think you know the style of this game. There are two characters in the game, one is the red man full of energetic atmosphere, and the other is the blue man who is rational and witty. Both sides fight to the death in a boxing arena. Players must get more “Champion” wild symbols to get more bonuses.

Highest multiplier: 2000X
Fighting arena, full of excitement.
The whole reel of WILD is continuously eliminated.
Free game with extra multiplier! Higher bonus.

Play Charge Buffalo Slot Demo

Charge Buffalo Slot Machine has 6 reels and offers 4096 ways to win. A moose, a big bear, a wolf, six playing card icons of different colors, a buffalo and an eagle – these are the standard symbols that players can land in this game. As some of you may have expected, there is also a wild icon – an image that represents the sunset. It counts as any missing standard symbol to help you complete winning combos.

The game’s wilds will surprise you with energy. Even the game is energetic. First of all, it has a surprising number of 4096 paylines and unlimited free spins. With the wild symbol, you can save countless free spins. You can also get up to 200 free spins when you throw 6 scatter coins in a row, you can get more than 200 free spins, as long as you get the great prize, a group of buffaloes will rush to congratulate you.

Highest Multiplier: 4000X
Up to 200 times free spin.
4096 paylines.
Free game with extra multiplier! Higher bonus.

Play Money Coming Slot Demo

Money Coming is a simple but fun online slot developed by Jili Gamimg in Hawkplay. This slot game features large glowing icons, green reels and an extra gold reel, an animated wheel above them and an abstract, glittering background image. There are 3 regular reels and 1 extra reel and one payline in Money Coming. This time the list of basic symbols includes 0, 1, 5, 10 and the double zero. As we have already mentioned, there is a special reel on the right side where you can get interesting rewards in case you managed to create a winning combination on the payline. This way you can multiply the winnings up to 10 times, get free answers or have a chance to play the wheel of luck. This wheel can lead players to big cash rewards. Overall, it’s a fun game with a unique concept.

The upper limit on the amount of Money Coming bets is low, but it has the highest bonus of 10,000 times in all JILI slots. At the same time, it also has the Jackpot reward system and up to 98.22% RTP, as well as various low-volatility features, which shows that it is perfect for players to spend some time patiently waiting for the prize to emerge. Who says that a machine with simple gameplay can’t make money? Money Coming can easily subvert your imagination, anyone can challenge this generous bonus!

Highest multiplier: 10,000 X
The maximum bonus is 10,000 times.
Excellent RTP and bonus system.
As long as you enter the lucky roulette, you must win the bonus.

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