5 ways to bet on soccer - Hawkplay casino

5 ways to bet on soccer – Hawkplay casino

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5 ways to bet on soccer - Hawkplay casino

Nowadays, there are more and more soccer matches, and there are various ways to open the market. In addition to the usual betting on the three results of winning, losing and drawing, there are actually various ways to place bets on major websites. I’m going to introduce the 5 most basic ways to bet on soccer today.

1. Bet on win, loss or draw

The most common way to play is to place a bet on one of the teams in the game to see if that team will win, lose, or end up tied at the end of the game.

2. Handicap win, loss or draw

The same mechanism as win, lose or draw, the difference is that the soccer betting platform will allow the more dominant team to “handicap” the two teams due to their team strength, recent results and other factors, thus adjusting the balance between the two sides. As a practical example, if team A “lets” team B 2 goals, then if the final score is 3:2, after deducting the 2 goals, the final score is 1:2, and the player who bets on team B to win will win money.

3. Score prediction

For example, if you predict that the final result will be 3 points for team A and 2 points for team B, and the final score is 3:2, then you have won the prize. Of course, the score prediction is the most difficult of all the games to win because of the large number of variables. But comparatively, the bonus rewards for score prediction are huge, and if you have a good eye and some luck, then you can win a high amount of prize money with very little money.

4. Half or full game win, loss or draw

This is an advanced version of the Win, Lose, Draw play, which is a bet on the outcome of the first half and the full game, using the first 45 minutes of the game and the full 90 minutes of the game as nodes. As an example, you can bet on a team to win the first half and lose the whole game, or to draw the first half and win the whole game, and so on.

5. Total number of goals

Simply put, it is a prediction of the total number of goals that will be scored into the dragon’s goal in a game. Because it is predicting the total number of goals scored, this type of play has nothing to do with the team’s win, loss or draw, or who has the higher score, as long as the home and away teams add up to the same score as you predicted, you will be able to win money. It is worth mentioning that the total goals bet does not include the points scored in extra time or extra penalties, so you don’t have to worry about any variables after the 90-minute marker.

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