Five key points of the fishing machine - Hawkplaycasino

Five key points of the fishing machine – Hawkplaycasino

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Five key points of the fishing machine - Hawkplaycasino

Fishing machine is one of the popular games in recent years. In my spare time, I always play several rounds with my friends. After playing for a long time, I found that fishing machine is a game of both strength and luck. Therefore, I have long been studying how to combine the two skillfully, so as to maximize the benefits. The following five points are the results of the compilation.

One, it is important to play fishing machine mentality.

You need to know that the draw rate can never reach 100%. What is the drawback rate? For example, you put in 100 yuan, the machine will spit back 99 yuan, this 1 yuan is the casino’s draw. So how do we get the money we win? In fact, most of the money we win playing fishing machines is money lost by other players, and the casino’s draw is only to play the role of providing the machines and collecting service fees. So don’t play this game with the mindset of getting rich overnight, we can only win a little when other players lose, or play less when the draw rate is low. How to judge the draw rate? The editor is the first to invest 100 yuan, calculate the last remaining money, so you can calculate the draw rate.

The second, looking for people to play the fishing machine

Some people may want to say: “I want to pick a fishing machine that no one is playing with, so that no one is fighting with me for fish. Remember what we said in the first point? The majority of the money we win is the money lost by other players. So if you’re playing alone, think about who the machine will be looking for to win? Who are you looking for to win money? If you are lucky, you may win a little in the short run, but you will only lose more in the long run. So you want to find a fishing machine where people are playing, especially the kind of players who play more cautiously, so that if we play with big scores, it will be easier to win. This is because the machine will determine who has won or lost a large amount of money and give him priority in the rebate. The actual fact is that it is easier to hit with a big score than a small score, so hitting it means you start winning money from the player next door who is playing with a small score. The first time I started playing, my capital amount was only 200 yuan, I played alone, I won up to 250 and then lost again, then came a player, his capital amount of 1000, plus he played with big points, and then saw him win more than 8000 from more than 1000, but my money fell straight down. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Third, play in the same fishing machine.

 The actual fact is that you will not be able to win money or bet for nothing.

Fourth, the draw rates are all controlled by the casino.

Some casinos will initially adjust the draw rate very high in order to attract players, and then lower the draw rate when more players become available. The actual fact is that you can find out which fishing machine has not been winning or winning big, which means that the casino has lowered the draw rate. This is the first time that you should not choose this fishing machine. This is actually a very bad practice, because people don’t think that much about playing fishing machines, and they think they are just taking installments if they don’t win. In fact, if you feel like eating the installment how so long it means there is a problem!

Five, after losing to a certain extent to learn to stop.

When you lose to a certain level, think about what your purpose is. For example, some people are trying to survive the eating period, so after losing almost all, you should judge when the spitting period will come and measure whether you can survive the eating period. If you are sure you can continue to play, if you are not sure, just stop. I found that some people will hold this mentality: because I lost, so I must win back. Whether it’s myself or my friends around me, at the beginning of the game will have this idea, the result is more and more losses. Later, the editor will set an amount, that is, the amount he can lose. I set myself to lose $300, and I’ll stop when I’m almost over 300. This way you will not lose endlessly.

I think the fishing machine is actually about strength, but also includes “observation” and “mentality”. In addition to strength and luck, the most important point is to choose the right casino. What is the right casino? In my knowledge, the right casino is the one that will pay out! If you encounter a casino that will not pay out, how much strength and luck you have, win more money, you can not receive money! So I want to recommend to you a long time to play casino – Hawkplay casino.

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