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Fishing machine is a video game that originated in Japan, and then slowly became popular all over the world. At first, the fishing machine is just like the fish catching game you see in the game field, the one who catches more fish is the winner. Later, some people improved it to “cannonball” to attack the fish, different fish and different cannon corresponding to different rewards, more exciting and interesting to play, and gradually began to become popular.

Hawkplay’s online fish shooting games allow you to enjoy a fun, exciting, gaming experience while winning real money at the same time!

Join us today and battle sharks, tuna and swordfish. You’ll have some deep sea action!

Introduction of Fishing Game

jili fish games

JILI fishing

Jili Fishing

Whether in terms of picture quality, gameplay, detailed scenes and other aspects are second to none fishing game.

fa chai fish games

Fa Chai fishing

Fa Chai Fishing

“Fa chai” means get rich in Chinese, Lucky red envelopes will be provided to players, is a fish shooting game that is very popular among players.

JDB fishing

JDB Fishing

JDB’s new online fishing game CAI SHEN FISHING is one with great quality and enables players to receive points in great multiples.

CQ9 fishing

CQ9 Fishing

The first fisheye perspective change, gorgeous game graphics and exciting game thrill.

Features of the fishing machine

Fishing machine is a video game that originated in Japan, and then slowly became popular all over the world. At first, it was just like the fish catching game that you see in the playground, where the one who catches more fish wins. Later, someone improved it into a “cannonball” to attack the fish, different fish and different cannons corresponding to the reward are different, more exciting and interesting to play!

Fair and Just

The maximum fairness and impartiality of the big game machine. We all know very well that fishing game machines cannot be retrofitted with remote control. The player wins or loses based on his or her own skills.


The entertainment of the fishing machine is incomparable to the slot machine game. Since it is a game machine, people naturally prefer to be more entertaining and interactive.


The way the fishing game machine is played is the first of its kind: traditional class betting game machine are players first betting points, and then the prize is opened uniformly. Fishing game machines on the other hand, it is up to the player to decide when to start the game.

The hottest fishing game in the Philippines

The most popular in 2022 (Gili Fishing Game), (Fortune Fishing Game) or Gili Classic (Happy Fishing), (Dinosaur Tycoon), can be played in Hawkplay, at the same time The winning rate is higher than the general platform, and your harvest is more than others!

JILI Fishing Gaming​

Online fishing in JILI Games is the hottest online fishing in the world now. It is easy and quick to shoot the fish to die, and the odds are even up to 1200 times. Besides the famous slot game, JILI’s fishing game is also no worse than others.
It has a complete functional system for players. The gaming performance is as perfect as any other game in JILI, especially popular ones like Bombing Fishing, Jackpot Fishing, and Royal Fishing.
In the game, you can choose to use the high-destructive gun props to easily shoot down the big fish or other fish with a special bonus. In addition, the odds are also very high. The odds are promoted for purpose of giving back to the supporting members of JILI Games. To those new players, this is a great chance to gain rewards from online fishing.

FA CHAI Fishing Gaming

Fa Chai Fishing adopts the special fishing game rule popular nowadays. Can have fun with the fishing game while listening to lively music! The background design is based on wealth and money.

Fa Chai Fishing has an original rule on random red envelope. When the Lucky Money Turtle appears on the field, attack the Lucky Money Turtle and win up to 300X! Trigger lucky red envelope when the bar is full. Win up to 1000X!

Besides, you can also get special weapons Autocannon and Thunderball. Use the weapon to win higher prize. Play Fa Chai Fishing everyday in HaloWin. Get rich every day!

JDB Fishing Game

JDB Fish Game has long been the popular project of JDB Gaming, even taking over JDB Slot, ranking in the top five of the office for several years. Although there are only five online fish games released so far, these five dominate the fish game market with their amazing jackpot rate, various bullet upgrade systems, and extremely high odds from small games, among which, Cai Shen Fishing is the most recommended.

Five of the JDB Fish Table games are with an oriental vibe, and all of them are about wealth. God of wealth, oriental dragon, Ki-Lin, pearl, they all show money and treasure, players can not only long in the underwater world roam, but also easily get the wealth of the sea dragon and the god of wealth.

Tips to win fish shooting game

No matter you are a novice or an old player, you have to take a look at the winning skills of the fish shooting game prepared by Hawkplay.

track fast fish

You can track some fast-moving fish. At this time, you can turn on the machine gun mode to shoot the fish frantically, which will greatly improve the chance of winning.


Master the fish

The fish that send points are usually very close to the fort, and these fish swim very slowly, almost hitting every shot, so they can be used as points for the machine to give you.

Pay attention to the size of the fish

The natural hit rate of shooting fish will be relatively high, and it is an opportunity that should be seized; what should be noted here is that if you find a group of large but fast-moving fish, it is recommended to wait for these fish to pass before starting to shoot, do not waste shells to attack .

Try the water temperature first

Basically, it is recommended to use small cannons to shoot slowly before the spit stage or good luck comes. After all, even small cannons are not good for fishing, let alone waste cannons. When does it turn to artillery onslaught? After you find that you can hit a lot of fish with the small cannon, you can launch a more violent attack! After playing for a while, if you find that you can’t catch fish again, turn back to the small cannon. The key point of fishing machine strategy is not to be greedy, and only this kind of strategy can help you really win big money.

Know which parts of the fish are hit and are easy to catch

The limbs of some fish are weak points, most of the fish gills and front and rear fins, the gun should be as high as possible. No matter what fish you hit, try to shoot the cannonball parallel to the fish, hitting both sides of the fish.


fish that slip through the net

If you hit a position where others lost points, if you hit 300 times the fish with 1,000 cannons, you will earn 1,000X300 directly, which is 300,000 points. Players will definitely win by using this method!


blood for fishing

Usually, because there is a scoring period between the positions, the big fish in the position that eats the points will never die, and the players who do not understand will definitely be killed. For those who are in the eating cycle, after dying, you just need to use 1000 cannons to relax a little, and the fish will die. Simple and practical. Such simple and practical fishing skills are not for everyone, because everyone is in a hurry during the fishing process, who will wait? Therefore, although it is easy to win when playing fishing machines, it is necessary to establish a good attitude and patience.

Control the time of day

Best 3-4 hours a day. Because in fact, there are many things to consider when playing fishing, such as whether to catch a big fish or slow fishing, each scenario needs to be carefully considered and then implemented. If you spend more than 4 hours a day, your thinking will become dull. Your mind becomes only thinking about the game and not how to fight. This will only send money, so it is important to control the timing of the game.

Fishing Machine Tips Guide

Fishing machine is popular among younger players, fall in love with the excitement!