Hawkplay: A comparison of 4 key indicators​

Hawkplay: A comparison of 4 key indicators​

Hawkplay: A comparison of 4 key indicators

As the Casino industry in the Philippines is not yet fully legalized, there are numerous online casinos on the market and each has its own fans. Therefore, we have compiled the following rankings based on what we consider to be the five most indicative aspects of a Hawkplay at this stage, namely the market attention of the platform, the cost of initial deposit, the amount of money given to the casino for initial deposit, the highest rebate percentage and the casino’s experience bonus offer.

1. Market Awareness

Market awareness is a marketing concept that is used in many industries to quantify the current performance of a target by looking at the attention it receives in the marketplace, and to evaluate future marketing strategies. As a quality online casino, we want Hawkplay to be talked about as much as possible, but apart from having a good reputation, there is another situation that can lead to an increase in brand buzz, and that is if a major event occurs on the platform during the period, or if the brand loses its reputation, this can also lead to an increase in brand buzz.

The reason we have included the top five indicators of market interest in casinos is to see how much influence casinos have on players in the industry. We hope to provide a more objective comparison of the different indicators so that readers can have a better basis for reference.

2. First deposit cost

A good online casino should not only provide the right level of service or game selection, but also provide more timely feedback to its members in order to make more players choose to stay. In the current era of red sea gaming, the level of service of each platform is more or less the same, what can be compared is in these few aspects.

3. First deposit bonus

By comparing the first deposit bonus conditions of each casino, we can judge the generosity of the platform and allow players to find a friendlier and more favourable online casino.

4. Bonus offers

The Hawkplay experience bonus is a way for players to experience the services and games on a platform that they are not sure of at the beginning of their choice. In addition to whether or not the casino offers a bonus promotion, players can also observe the size of the bonus on each platform, because generally speaking, as long as players register on the platform and meet certain flow conditions, the bonus will eventually allow players to apply for a withdrawal, which is another way for the Hawkplay to provide feedback to players.

Hawkplay: A comparison of 4 key indicators​

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