How to play online slots

How to play online slots


How to play online slots

What is online slots?

You can play online slots on your personal computer, mobile phone or tablet and have the chance to spin amazingly high jackpots. Just like the physical slots that have been popular with casino patrons for decades, you can also go online and play a variety of themed slots, from the classic One-Armed Bandit slots to the ultra-luxurious slots with a wide range of bonus games. You can experience the same thrilling thrill of winning anytime, anywhere.

What are the basic components of an online slot machine?

There are many different types and formats of online slots, with different jackpots, bonuses, prizes and jackpots, but the basic structure of a slot machine rarely changes. With a few simple concepts, you’ll be able to master all the slots with ease.

Balance: This is the amount of money you have in your account.

Number of reels: The slot machine you are playing may have 3, 5 or even as many as 7 reels. These are the parts you want to spin, and the pattern on each of them is the element you want to match to form the winning combination.

Display box: This is where you can tell when you’ve won, when you’ve spun your winnings and so on, and it will soon become your favourite part of the screen.

Payout table: This is the information box found in all slots and is dedicated to giving you all the details of the game, from the theme of the game to the value of the graphics, special rules and bonuses. It is recommended that you understand the information in this table before you press the spin button on any slot machine.

Winning lines: Each slot has a predefined number of winning lines, some have a fixed number of winning lines while others allow you to choose how many lines you want to activate. Remember, each line you activate affects the amount you can bet per spin, so while more lines means a higher chance of winning, it also means a higher bet per spin.

Bet Amount / Bet Limit: This is the amount you can bet per spin. Each slot has a minimum and maximum bet, which means that players can join the game regardless of how much money they have. The amount of money wagered affects the payout.

Spin: This is the button that starts the game. Pressing this button spins the reels and gives you the chance to spin the jackpot.

Auto Spin: Press this button to make the game complete a pre-set number of spins automatically. You set the bet amount and the number of spins (most slots will also let you set a loss/jackpot limit) and the system will stop the machine once the indicated spins have been completed.

Slot machine types

We have a wide range of slots for you to enjoy, from classic slots to progressive jackpot slots. Most of our slots have similar features and characteristics, but the basic differences are as follows.

Classic Slots: Very similar to the classic machines you see in traditional casinos, and the basis of all online slots. These slots offer only a small number of jackpot games (if any) and a fixed winning line. All players have to do is spin and try to win.

Bonus Game Slots: An upgraded version of the classic slots, bonus rounds and special bonus games occur when certain conditions are met during play.

Video Slot: This is the bonus slot machine with trendy graphics, beautiful animations and the latest technology.

Multi-Line Slots: Multi-line slots allow you to choose how many winning lines you want to activate for the game.

Progressive jackpot slots (where available): Huge jackpots are often awarded from progressive jackpot slots. These slots often offer a minimum jackpot, which then grows over time as players play, or they may have a unique jackpot that is accumulated by multiple online casinos. Progressive Jackpot Slots, also known as PJP, may vary depending on the casino or manufacturer, so be sure to read up on the game play for details.

Slots Features / Terminology

Now that you know the basic structure and different types of online slots, what about the various jackpot games and bonus payout rates? It’s hard to explain them all in just one page, but here are the most important and handy ones for your reference.

Permutation: A special pattern that replaces all other patterns (except sometimes the jackpot and bonus patterns) to help form the best winning combination.

There are also a number of advanced jackpots, such as the Stacked Jackpot and the Super Jackpot, which you can encounter when playing different slots.

Bonus Charms: Spins of 2 or more are awarded bonuses, or can activate special bonuses and special patterns in the bonus games (which vary from slot to slot).

Bonus Charms: Spins of 2 or more are awarded bonuses, or can activate special bonuses and special patterns in the bonus games (which vary from slot to slot).

Jackpot Multiplier: A bonus game that doubles your jackpot, usually during the bonus round.

Free Spins (aka Free Games): often appearing as part of the bonus jackpot game, offering you free spins for free.


This is the amount of money you can win!

243 winning combinations: This is the maximum number of winning combinations for standard 5 reel slots. Simply spin the winning combinations in order from left to right to win the jackpot.

Win Both Ways: All slots take the winning line from left to right, but some slots will also pay out when the winning combination comes from right to left.

Neighbouring bonuses: All patterns on the activated jackpot line and on adjacent rollers, except for the jackpot symbols and bonus patterns, will pay out bonuses.

Gambling: Some slots offer the opportunity to double/4 times your winnings, usually in the form of a guessing game.

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