Hawkplay Baccarat Teaching : Advanced (1)MARTINGALE betting method

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Hawkplay Baccarat Teaching:Advanced :MARTINGALE betting method

The first of the popular “super mystery betting methods” is the MARTINGALE betting rule, MARTINGALE betting rule is also known as Martin’s strategy! It is also the most common betting strategy used by senior players in baccarat games. The MARTINGALE betting method appeals to the fact that instead of increasing the bet when you win, you increase the chips 1x when you lose, and only return the initial bet amount when you win.

The HAWKPLAY baccarat player can win or lose as many times as he wants, but if he uses the MARTINGALE betting rule, he can win his money back immediately once he wins a game. Baccarat players can calculate the amount of money they can lose beforehand, and then decide whether they want to gamble according to their own situation. It is very suitable for bold players who have strong capital and can accept risk, but sometimes it is possible to take a strong risk and find that the return on investment is very low.

How to operate the Martingale betting method?

If the initial bet is $100, when the DG Baccarat player wins, the same $100 bet amount will be maintained, when losing, the player doubles the bet amount, i.e. $200, but when the next situation wins, the bet amount will be restored to the initial set of $100.
1. If you spend $1,000 on the banker in the first game, but the player wins, the bet will be a loss.
2. In the second game, if you double the $2,000 bet on the “banker” and the “player” wins, the result of this bet will be a loss.
3. the third game doubled with $4000 betting on the “banker”, and the result was the “banker” won, the result of this bet is a win.
If you are looking at the betting method above, you will win the third bet and win back the amount you lost in the first bet, and then win the first bet by $1000. At this point the player can choose to end the game or continue to play, if you choose to continue the game, then start with a $1,000 bet on the “banker”.

High risk, low reward situation

The general situation of betting, if you have been losing to the 6th game, at this time the 7th bet to double the capital to 64,000 yuan, if the 7th game and lost, plus the previous accumulation has lost 127,000 yuan, if the 7th game won, but also won only 1,000 yuan only. Although the payoff in this case is low, but it is also a sure win operation method.
Therefore, players who choose the Hawplay Baccarat MARTINGALE betting rule
The player must know himself well enough.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Baccarat departure conditions:

In order to avoid a baccarat player losing all his chips, once the player has less chips than the next bet, he should leave the game. For example, if a player has 100 chips and loses 7 times in a row, according to Martingale, he should bet 2×7=128, but since he only has 100 chips in hand, the Hawplay player should choose to leave the game.


The advantage of the online baccarat martingale betting method is that players can calculate in advance the extent to which they can afford to lose, so that they can consider whether to continue to follow the bet, but usually the casino will limit the betting limit, if the player is still in a state of loss to reach the betting limit and can not return to the capital, so if players want to use the Hawplay baccarat martingale betting method will have to be very careful.

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