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JILI slot machine

JILI slot machine

JILI Games design exciting online video slots , staying ahead of the competition.



CQ9 provides more than 100 original themed games, multiple rewards, high odds

The origin of slot machines and how to play them

Hawkplay Casino offers the widest range of casino games for all gamblers. Players visiting the Hawkplay website can choose from hundreds of slots, including progressive jackpots, as well as a wide range of other casino games. Hawkplay is popular among the public for its high payout slots, generous welcome offers and a wide variety of high stakes bonuses. 

Slot machines are by far the most popular casino game, having surpassed table games due to speed, ease, and accessibility. This is because slots are plentiful and can be found in ‘prime seating’ locations by casino entrances, making them not only cheaper and easy to play, but also highly accessible.


A slot machine is a machine for gambling with loose change, named because of the tiger patterned chips on it. The slot machine has three glass frames with different patterns inside, and when the lever is pulled down after a coin is inserted, it will start to spin and spit out money if a specific pattern (such as three of the same) appears.
1895 – Charlie Fey ,Jzplay Com invented the first commercial slot machine. It was made of cast iron with three internal reels, a coin slot and an external handle to turn the machine. Slot machines soon became a staple in bars, casinos, and even many retail stores. Due to the gold rush in San Francisco, many people had dreams of finding gold. So there was great interest in this amazing machine that made people rich overnight, and soon the machines became common. With the progress of technology, has evolved into a variety of different models .

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The charm of slot machines lies in the fact that they are small and often have unexpected rewards, with small investments and big returns. If you are lucky, you can earn tens of thousands of dollars by putting in coins and pulling the handle. Of course, there are also High Limit Slots and Megabucks, which give players an even better chance of winning.
To play the slots, simply insert the chips (or game tokens) into the coin slot and pull the handle or click the “spin” button to turn the reels. Players can put as many chips as they want into the coin slot, but the default setting is only one chip per round. Players can increase their bet by one chip by clicking the “raise” button. A maximum of three chips can be used per round. The player can place a bet of three chips at a time by clicking on the “Max Bet” button. If a player wishes to retrieve unused chips that have been placed in the machine, click on the “Return” button on the machine.
The most exciting aspect of slot machines is of course the Jackpot, not every slot game has a Jackpot, generally if you play the English version of the casino game, if you see a “progressive slot” you have a Jackpot. Another thing to remember is that if you want to win the jackpot, you have to place a bet of three chips each time.

How to play

Slots are one of the easiest games in the casino, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular in both real casinos and online gaming halls, where players don’t need to master any rules or skills to enjoy themselves. However, with a little guidance, players may be able to get the hang of it more quickly. Here’s how to play the slots.
All slot machines are pre-programmed and the payouts are random, so it’s hard to find a sure win. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot, or at least winning a certain amount of money.
First, you must make sure you have enough money for the machine you are playing. If you have very little start-up money, then choose a machine with a low investment. This way you will have more spins and a better chance of getting a good mix.
Next, make sure you read and understand the jackpot table. For example, if you want to win the machine’s progressive jackpot, in most cases you must have already invested the most coins to be able to win. Likewise, on multi-payline machines, some paylines will only pay out if you have already invested a corresponding amount of coins. So, to maximize your profits, we recommend putting in the maximum amount of coins. Your money may run out quickly, but it will be worth it when you get a winning combination. You will get double or triple your winnings.
Again, this is good for you to find out the return on investment of the machine you are playing. Each machine has a different percentage, the higher the percentage the better for you to make a profit. If you find a machine with an 80% return on investment, it is best to get a new one, as many machines have a better return. Online gambling machines generally offer the best rates of return (some even reach 98%-99%) based on factors such as lower overhead costs.
Finally, before you start playing, set yourself an amount that you are willing to accept. This way, even if you don’t win the jackpot, you won’t go home penniless and at least enjoy your experience. If you win, but the machine runs out of money, don’t leave the machine yet. You are entitled to that money and the attendant will pay you what you are entitled to soon.
The basic operation of a slot machine is simple: insert a coin and pull down the handle. If the symbols in the middle frame match, the player will get the prize, and the size of the prize is related to the chance of the symbol appearing.
Sometimes even if they don’t match, there is a bonus for a specific symbol that pops up, which is usually a cherry. Sometimes, the machine will set a “universal” symbol that can match any other symbol. The reward for this “universal” symbol is greater than the usual reward.

Best Online Slot Game Suppliers

Hawkplay gathers all kinds of great online slot machines and their game suppliers.


The JILIBET online casino brand is widely regarded as one of the most reputable casino game providers in the market today, and JILIBET is committed to providing players with first-class entertainment and an outstanding gaming experience. With hundreds of available online casino games, you are sure to find the right game for your gambling needs.

JILIBET has accumulated a wealth of experience in virtual game development. It has an experienced R&D team with a corporate culture to avoid copycat games. With the excellent video production team, we are constantly innovating new games.


Fa Chai Gaming is a top game supplier from China, producing mainly online slot machines and fish games. They are also the ones who launch the first-ever coin pusher online! The odds are also very attractive. Other game suppliers only have 1000x~2000x on the average, but Fa Chai Gaming has up to 50000x odds. This makes it a highly discussed topic in the Philippine online casino.


PLAYSTAR has been in the industry for many years. AfterAyears of actual combination in the industry, PLAYSTAR has an insight into theD V Vmarket demand and has the courage to try. No matter in the game style, DOperation interface and topical theme, it uses the latest HTML5 technology 2006to offer a rich and diverse game exx Period, allowing players have fun, come the focus of the industry, PocsPLAYSTAR, and create extraordinary things in simplicity!


BNG  are a team of passionate slot enthusiasts who keep challenging boundaries through innovative gameplay and exciting features which can be seen in our game portfolio.

BNG strive to craft premium HTML5 games with stunning art and cutting-edge gameplay designed to attract, entertain and retain players’ excitement.


A decades-long presence in the challenging gambling industry serves as the confirmation of quality for World Match software suite. The company’s long-term commitment to safe, innovative and rewarding online products might imply their name is familiar to most players; however, this is not the case, as WM has been developing a steady supply of games for the casinos based in Europe, mainly in Italy. With plans to expand the trade to other regulated markets, their attractive offering will soon be more readily available to a wider audience.


Innovative and cutting-edge developer GameArt brings the luck and mystery of the East with its alluring 88 Riches. This five-reel, 50-payline slots celebrates some aspects of Chinese culture and the important number “88” in bright and bold color.


Rapid, Realization, Innovation are the essence of CQ9.
We not only have a thorough understanding of our customers, we also have a clear grasp of trends. Therefore, our sole purpose is aimed at achieving sustainable development for our beloved clients.

KA gaming

KA Gaming is short for “Kick-Ass” Gaming, which says a lot about the company’s attitude and desire to show their games really kick ass. This philosophy and approach to game production and development are shared by all KA Gaming’s employees from various cultural backgrounds, a trait clearly visible in the themes of the company’s games.

How to play slot machines

game type

In general, the most common three-reel machines are called “traditional slots”, while other machines such as the aforementioned “progressive slots” have jackpots that can be accumulated, and finally, “multi-line slots” are very easy to win, with an average of one jackpot for two spins. Each of them has its own characteristics and has a different way of scoring in the minds of slot players.

Betting Tips

The best way to bet on a slot machine is to bet directly on its original rules. We asked Macau casino professionals to experiment with slot machines and further study the betting techniques to win money. We found that the techniques mentioned earlier worked very well for slot betting, without too many complicated calculations and without too much betting. With this method, the player’s chances of winning are greatly increased. Slot machines are computer controlled, which means that the chances of winning are set directly by the casino. Usually, each casino will advertise that their slot machines have a higher winning rate than other slot machines. For example, the jackpot rate is as high as 98%. The machine’s win rate settings must be tested and approved by an impartial authority, so generally speaking, these numbers can be trusted. Basically, the more money you bet, the better your chances of winning, but whether or not you actually win depends on your luck in choosing the machine. Everything is based on your feelings.

odds of winning

The pay ratio of slot machines can be seen before you start, and the pay ratio represents how much money the game developer will make in the end developing the game. If you choose a slot machine with a high reward ratio, you will be able to fight more and more bravely, without worrying about the embarrassing situation of having no chips once. The winning probability of the machine depends on how many types of winning combinations there are in the line. The more combinations, the easier it is to win, but it should be noted that the high probability of winning does not mean high odds!

Bonus game

Slots that offer progressive jackpots have a progressive jackpot counter marked in the game above the game icons and spin buttons. For a chance to win one of the progressive jackpots, you need to play the progressive jackpot game at a qualifying bet. If your bets qualify, then you will have a chance to win the progressive jackpot just by playing the game. The progressive jackpot payouts are completely random and are won by players on qualifying bets. Some slot machines offer other types of progressive jackpots. For information on how to play each slot machine, please see the paytable for each game. On slot themes that offer multiple types of progressive jackpots, only the highest value progressive jackpot is awarded per spin.

Common types of slot machines

Slot machines can be divided into traditional slot machines, compound slot machines, bonus compound slot machines, progressive slot machines, and linked slot machines based on the way they are played.

The first slot machines in history were made of cast iron and had three reels with different patterns on the reels, a coin hole and a joystick on the outside. Slot machines have a more common name, or slot machines. When the three reels finally stop at the same pattern, you have won a prize. Common slot machine patterns include numbers, fruits, diamonds, and so on. The number of coins bet is directly proportional to the number of columns. For example, if you place one coin, you only bet on the middle column, if you place two coins, you can bet on the top column as well, and so on. The amount of money bet is fixed and the number of reels ranges from 2 to 9, but the most common ones are 5, 7 and 9 lines. The more lines you have, the higher the bets and winnings. Some machines have special patterns, which also pay out when they appear. The odds of winning a slot machine vary, depending on the design of each machine, but the payback rate is around 85% to 98%.

Classic slots

Three-reel slots are the classic, original version of slot machines.This is the most common machine. There are three straight lines, each consisting of five patterns, and you must spin three of the same pattern to win the prize. As mentioned above, the more money you put in, the more lines you can bet on, and the higher your chances of winning. In addition, some machines also have “special symbols” that will give you extra money when you spin them.

Five-reel slots

Five-reel slots are an advancement of the classic machines. These slots use multi-line pay tables, unlike their three-reel predecessors. The more lines that you play, the higher your odds are at winning. Slots fans can play for hours on these technologically advanced slot machines. They have multiple paylines, numerous bonuses, and a wide variety of exciting games to choose from.

Multi-Payline slots

Most of the slot machines mentioned above only have 1 to 5 paylines, which means that you only have 5 chances of winning, but winning from time to time is what triggers players’ interest, so multi-line slots have been created, and there are not only straight or diagonal lines to win in the game, there are all kinds of ways to win depending on each slot machine, starting with at least 20 paylines! This is the way most slots are played today, and the dazzling paylines make it seem like you’ve won a lot, not only is it gorgeous to play, but the odds are very high but the payouts are usually a little lower, but you can win steadily with a little bit more.

Accumulating Slots

What is the most rewarding slot game? The jackpot is also called the progressive jackpot or jackpot. When you place a bet and win the jackpot, you can pocket all the jackpot winnings. The jackpot accumulation is not provided by the bookmaker, but a portion of it will be included in the jackpot every time someone bets.

3D slots

If you are ready to enter a world where the laws of physics are suspended and where the only limit is your imagination, then come explore the magical world of 3D slots. 3D free slots are bright, colorful and full of various entertaining elements. When playing these games people can enjoy the real atmosphere of a modern casino or a Hollywood movie.

Best Online Slot Game Suppliers

Hawkplay online casinos only work with software providers that are considered to be industry leaders. Hawkplay casinos only use certified and audited online slot providers. We carefully analyze every application submitted and verify that our casinos only offer the highest verified security records from independent organizations such as eCOGRA or iTech those labs that are licensed for fair play and real money gaming. These software companies include Playtech, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Microgaming, IGT and several others that provide only top-notch content with excellent graphics, animations and sound to their customers.


Playtech is the world’s largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market, offering cutting-edge, value added solutions to the industry’s leading operators. Since Playtech’s inception in 1999, its approach has been centred on the continual development of best-of-breed gaming products and content, and its success built upon strong partnerships with our licensees.


NetEnt is a leading provider of premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators. We have been a true pioneer in driving the market with thrilling games powered by our cutting-edge platform. Our talented people take pride in delivering flexible digital casino solutions, so that our customers can be unique, premium, informed and ahead, all at the same time.

Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil breaths innovation. We push the boundaries. Our passion for gaming is limitless. We strive to surprise and surpass. Games are our DNA. What we love and enjoy. We always strive to offer the best games, innovative mechanics and engaging player experiences. Your success our success.


Microgaming have been setting the industry standard for quality, innovation and entertainment since 1994, when we developed and launched the world’s first true online casino software.

Today, Microgaming are licensed in the UK, Malta, Gibraltar and other key markets to supply platforms and games technology, powering some of the industry’s biggest and best established online casino operators. Microgaming also offer one of the most successful online sports betting systems in the business.

Responsibility forms the backbone of our business and, as a founding member of the All-In Diversity, Microgaming are committed to inclusion. Microgaming always find time to give back to our local community, powering positive change for people, place and planet through our award-winning CSR initiative, Microgaming PlayItForward.


IGT is a global leader in gaming. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “IGT,” and its holding company headquarters are in the United Kingdom, with operating headquarters in Rome, Italy; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Providence, Rhode Island. The Company attracts the industry’s top talent, with approximately 10,500 employees across the globe.

Filipino Free Slot Games-FAQ

We recommended players to try all kinds of demo slot games first, pick their favorite online slot machine brand, and then choose a specific machine according to their purposes, such as a jackpot machine, or the one with rich and beautiful visual design, winning rate, number of free spins, etc. Each slot machine has a unique design. When you meet your favorite slot machine, you can’t live without it just like finding a lover.

Hawkplay provides thousands of kinds of online slot including Classic Slots、Jackpot Slots、Bonus Slots, diversified choices are Hawkplay’s biggest advantage, and most importantly, Hawkplay is one of the few legal casinos in the Philippines, where players can play any game without worries.

Yes. Players can play all the games via any device at anywhere anytime.

The answer to this question is yes, Hawkplay has a legal gambling license and all games are supervised. There is no doubt about the legality, so you can play with confidence!

Players can download Hawkplay Apk directly at the link below.

Slot Machine Tips Guide

Slot machine is the easiest casino game to pick up, this is why it has a high popularity.