Hawplay Baccarat Teaching : Advanced (3) PARLAY betting method

Advanced (3) PARLAY betting method:HawKplay Baccarat Teaching

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Hawplay Baccarat Teaching : Advanced (3) PARLAY betting method

Baccarat PARLAY betting method:

The intention of the Baccarat PARLAY betting method is to increase the player’s betting rate, this method of play is to first set the initial amount of the HAWKPLAY player bet, if the winnings, the second game will double the bet bet, thus, the player can win the same amount of the initial bet bonus

For example :

If a player initially bets $200, if he wins he gets $400, the second game he bets $400 (betting 200 at the beginning and winning 200), if he wins again, he bets $800 in the next game, and so on in this way, and if he loses, he goes back to the $200 betting point.


The PARLAY betting method for baccarat is actually similar to the PAROLI betting method in terms of strategy. The biggest difference is that the purpose of the PARLAY betting method is to be able to win at least the amount of the initial bet, but because of the multiplier bets, the PARLAY betting method is relatively risky, so it is possible to lose more money. HAWKPLAY sincerely recommends that players use the PARLAY betting method when they are on a winning streak, they should see it through.

Some people in the past have doubted the honesty of the game, and they were ultimately right. In a high-profile scandal, testimony from programmers and other evidence suggested that developers tampered with slot machine results. At the very least, the developers cheated with progressive jackpot draws. As it turns out, the payments were made to friends and family members of the company’s owners.
The investigation revealed that the owners of Sheriff Gaming could decide to whom to pay and how much to pay for the slots. They don’t bother with the little things, but they don’t allow large winnings and jackpots to flow to one side. Therefore, fake accounts belonging to the owners of the company and their cronies were created. These accounts were used to generate progressive jackpots.
The former programmer said that one day the program malfunctioned and a regular player won the jackpot, which angered the director. As a result, the winner never received the full prize.

It would be surprising if the denial of the huge progressive jackpot had not caused a stir and subsequent investigation. But in such cases, according to programmer Sheriff Gaming, developers claim the win was due to a software error or the winner was accused of foul play.
By doing so, they usually manage to negotiate a much smaller outlay. If the player disagrees, they get nothing.
Developers have an Alderney license and are considered trustworthy. Even the UK has whitelisted the jurisdiction, showing that it can be trusted. So why haven’t the regulators done anything?

A former employee of Sheriff Gaming said that the regulator came to them for an audit, so the audit did not find that they were cheating and that the developer had fixed all the documents and statistics that might indicate this. As a result, nothing was known about the cheating.

The owners of the company tried to sell the property to Blue Gem Gaming. but the Dutch government would not allow the deal. The assets were confiscated and sold to Novomatic. Sheriff Gaming went bankrupt along with its parent company Bubble Group.

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