Slot games: 7 Tips to Make Money​

Slot games: 7 Tips to Make Money​

Slot games: 7 Tips to Make Money

The first reason why online slot games have become so popular in the past two years is of course the COVID-19 Virus. According to statistics, 6 out of 10 players switched to online slot games because of the more vivid graphics, the convenience of playing anywhere and anytime, and the fact that online slot games are quicker to earn than traditional slots, which naturally made many players quite enthusiastic. 

But did you know that there are tricks to getting a jackpot? The following are some of the tips you can use to get a jackpot.

1. Choosing a machine

There are two main types of slot games, the 777 and the free play.

For example, the Golden Empire is a time-based slot machine in Hawkplay casino. When you are on the decline, even if you play more, you are just filling in the points. 

2. Period

The newest slot games are the ones with the highest jackpot rates.

The first thing you need to do is to try out different machines and see what each games jackpot period is.

3. Auto-judgement

Do you play slot games manually or automatically? If you find that the nine shallows don’t work, it’s time to change your betting style by using the third tip on how to play.

For example, if you’re a manual player, but you find that no spins are paying out, use auto-spin. This is one of Money’s favourite tricks.

4. IP change

If all your slot games tricks don’t work, stop betting immediately and turn on your time stopper to “disconnect” for at least 3-5 minutes, change the IP to a different one by physical action and let the system data re-flash.

Try again to see if the jackpot has improved.

5. Money

The God of Gamblers movie once said “When my dad taught me to gamble, you have to rush when you win and shrink when you lose”, but when you find out that you have nothing for 100-150 spins, you have to run and leave.

Otherwise, you will really become a jet of destruction.

6. Bet amount

At most slot games, the jackpot payout is much higher with a dollar bet than a cent bet, but that doesn’t mean that this type of games is for everyone.

After all, apart from the jackpot amount, players must also consider how much money they have on hand.

7. Playing progressive slot games

Progressive slot games are machines where a certain percentage of the player’s bet is added to an additional ‘progressive jackpot’ area. Simply put, the player must bet the maximum amount of chips each time to generate this bonus.

Therefore, if you are sure you want to play progressive type, make sure you have enough chips to last until you claim the entire progressive jackpot, otherwise it is advisable to play other machines.

Slot games: 7 Tips to Make Money​

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