Slot Games: Top 5 Tips for Beginners​

Slot Games: Top 5 Tips for Beginners​

Slot Games: Top 5 Tips for Beginners

In online casinos, the most popular game is known as “slot games” as we often hear it. Amongst the many countries where gaming is prevalent, slot games are the most popular in Europe and the United States.

In Asia, however, there are not as many legal gaming venues as in Europe and the United States, so most Asian players still prefer the live video game genre. Because they are less exposed to slot games, they often have misconceptions about video games, which often leads to frustration in playing them.

First of all, the most common question that people want to ask is “How do I win at slot games? and “Are there any sure-win machine tricks? What’s the best way to win? There is one thing that players must know, and that is that “slot games are a game of chance”. There is no such thing as a sure-fire way to win, but by understanding the “rules, principles and odds”, players can increase their chances of winning, albeit not absolutely, but at least they can increase their chances of winning.

1. The 3 main cycles

If you want to win, you must first understand the cycles of slot games, not just the luck of the draw. There are divided into three cycles, namely the eating phase, the spitting phase and the transition phase.

1.1 Taking installments
It is very difficult to win during the “eat phase”, which is the stage where the machine will basically just bite or offer a small prize. When a player encounters this situation, they have two options: continue to bet the minimum and wait for the payout to end, or simply switch to another slot games.

1.2 Spit Stages
In a payout cycle, which is usually a small payout, a higher prize than the principal will be paid out, regardless of the size of the bet. This also means that the machine has passed the “eat phase” and is starting to pay out, so you can then increase your bets for bigger prizes.

1.3 Transition period
This is the transitional period, where the money may come and go without losing or winning, no matter what slot games techniques or rules you use. This is what we call the “Transition Period”. During the Transition Period, you will always be in a tie, so it is advisable to change machines as soon as possible and not to stay.

2. Rebate Rate

In addition to knowing how to play the slot games and how to choose a table, players should also be aware that each machine has different odds. In physical casinos have adjustable jackpot rates, so I’m sure slot games in online casinos have the same mode of operation. The probability of winning can also be called the “jackpot rate”.

In general, slot games in online casinos have a rebate rate of between 80% and 95%, with a loss of 5% to 20% being the house edge. This means that for every $100 wagered, an average of $80-95 will be given back to the player, so do your homework before you play or you will soon lose it all! It is also important to note that even if a player’s skills are excellent, as long as the bet is lower than other online players, it is likely that the bet will be too low to win the jackpot in the “spit out” phase. This is because slot games are programmed with a so-called win-lose time gap, which gives priority to players with higher stakes.

If you lose $100 on a bet, but another player has already lost $1,000, the system may give priority to the player who lost more than $950. This is particularly likely to happen on progressive slots jackpots (Note 1), so when you’re already spitting, be bold and take advantage of the opportunity!

3. Selecting bonus slot games

Free games are extra bonuses, which means that you get an extra chance to play for free in addition to the original online jackpot, as free games usually have a higher chance of winning a jackpot. Therefore, when playing online slot games, choose a bonus machine to have a better chance of making a lot of money, and a reminder to players not to look for traditional (three reels) as the chances of winning are very low and more chips will be wasted in them.

4. Strict control of funds

In all slot games of chance, strict control of your money is of paramount importance. Learn to stop losing and change your strategy when you lose, or stop winning and call it a day. This is why most gamblers who fail to keep tight control of their chips leave the game empty-handed.

If you are unlucky, you want to get your money back when you lose, and if you are lucky, you want to make more when you win; this is not a healthy mindset and you can easily lose your money. It is recommended that players divide their capital into 200-500 equal parts before placing bets on video games, so that they can calculate the amount of money they need to spend on each spin to control the three major cycles of slot games profit and loss.

5. Make the most of your casino's benefits

Players who have never been to a casino before should make sure to take advantage of the casino’s first deposit benefits, such as the Hawkplay casino’s special offer, which offers a 100% discount on your first deposit, up to $2000.

Last but not least, players should be careful when choosing an agent, as there are not only great offline offers, but also occasional bonus events, so that all players can enjoy a high quality of service.

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