Steps for online casino to offer odds

Steps for online casino to offer odds

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Steps for online casino to offer odds

Some people say that online casino  only make money, which gamblers lose money into the pockets of bookmark. In fact, this view is wrong

Online casino is not involved in betting, but is just an intermediary between experts and players. The online casino provides handicaps and odds for betting, and through certain means helps a party make a profit, thus maximizing their own interests. The theory of the game gives you a general idea of the steps that the bookies take to open up the odds.

1. Information organization, probability calculation

The procedure of a handicapper is a process of calculating probabilities, so it requires high quality in both mathematics and soccer. The handicapper will first calculate the most likely result of the match between the two teams based on the past performance of the two sides, the recent form of the two teams, goals scored and conceded, and then calculate the maximum probability of the result of the match between the two teams taking into account the team information, such as the management of the playing club, the level of the coach, the playing list, injuries and suspensions, the schedule, and other factors.

2、Opening odds or handicap

The purpose of opening odds and handicaps according to the results first calculated by the handicapper is to maintain the balance of the standard handicap (sole win up and down) funds, including the balance of the standard handicap (sole win up and down) funds of a game, and the balance of the betting funds of the same league round, the Australian lottery will win from a game with relatively balanced betting funds by posting water, which is the essence of the operation of the Australian lottery. The preliminary reference plate (standard plate, sole win plate) is a feature of the Australian lottery and other companies such as William, the main purpose is to enhance betting services, its preliminary attitude has become increasingly concerned, sometimes its preliminary plate often represents its true intention, as the preliminary plate or preliminary plate often does not accept recipients, so its opening is not disturbed by external factors.

3. Adjustment of odds or water level

In fact, the result of the game does not have much to do with the odds (or handicap water level), mainly according to the player’s betting situation to adjust, if the odds (or water level) of a certain result is lower, it only means that more people buy this side, many idlers are bullish on this side. The former is mainly for some of the more stable bets, while the latter is mainly for some of the popular betting events, such as the Champions Cup, because the betting volume of such a game is easy to form a one-sided situation, the betting funds are also very large, so the computer’s response will not be so timely, the proportion of bets is easy to lose.

4. Control of risks

Online casino has a risk management mechanism. When a team receives bets that exceed the risk safety line, the system will automatically make corresponding adjustments to bring the odds (or handicap level) back to within the balance line, and the positioning of the safety line is determined by factors such as the chips of different tournaments and the popularity of the tournaments. In addition, the company will regularly calculate the profit and loss situation of each league and take measures for losing matches or games.


For example, Inter 5:2 victory over Catania, Barcelona 3:0 victory over Bilbao and other games, the Australian lottery does not open the handicap, mainly because it is impossible to avoid the risk of such games, such as this kind of games subject to large uncertainty factors bookmakers do not open the handicap is also a major risk control initiative.

* But the online casino  are not a sure thing, as it is difficult to achieve a balance between the two sides of the bets, so the chances of achieving a loss at a certain time or in a certain game are also great.

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