The history of the fishing machine!

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The Origin

Fishing machine in the very beginning is used for leisure and entertainment games, originally from Japan into China, the use of fishing games like the kind of night market with a net fishing, but the engineers turned it into a kind of use of cannons to attack schools of fish, through which you can get the corresponding rewards of a game, in the experience and more exciting!

Simple and easy to understand

A variety of fishing games fishing machine, mobile games, or other game play derived from it … and so on, it is because the game is easy to play and easy to learn, so it can be quickly popular in various consumer groups of players, and because the graphics of the fishing machine is very easy to understand, so it can easily cross the language barrier popular around the world, with the current flow of information, Internet interoperability, will make the fishing machine more popular.


From the point of view of fairness, the fishing machine is controlled by the odds and difficulty, is really not a completely fair entertainment game, if you really sink into this game, you will definitely end up spending a lot of money on top of the fishing machine, not to mention those gamblers who treat this as a gaming game in play, they only sink deeper and deeper in the mire, and may really end up with nothing. Look at the enduring game play in the game machine industry now, only to let players, users experience a better, simpler way to play the single machine has always existed, which is also the biggest competitor to fill the fish machine.

So what is the “cycle” of the fishing machine? It is impossible for a machine to be in a state where people can get big fish all the time, so there are so-called “eating periods” and “out periods”, while some will be subdivided into “leisure periods”. The following is an introduction of each cycle.


1. Eat the installment
Don’t be fooled, because it’s not you who will eat the points, it’s the machine that will eat your points! In this cycle, there are fish that will swim through just as well, but they are not good to fight. Don’t try to make a big catch at this time, but observe carefully and use the cheap gun to catch the small fish that are good to hit, and wait for the appearance of the staging.

2. Staging
When the machine has scored a certain amount of points, it will start to enter the out phase. This is the time to show off your skills, the number of fish is large, and it is easy to catch, even some fish that are usually hard to catch can be solved with two or three shots, so don’t be afraid to use high quality guns to catch all the fish in a net. When does the staging come out? Of course, the machine will not tell you, you have to make good use of your own observation, when you find that the fish are getting better and better, it is very likely to enter the out of phase.

3. leisure period
The leisure period is a period when no one loses, and the machine will let you maintain a state of no loss or win. However, the fun of the fishing machine is the sense of loss of catching fish and the sense of achievement of catching fish, so the leisure period is less attention and less proposed.


After the basic understanding of the principle and concept of each cycle of the fishing machine, in fact, the most important thing is to actually experience it, through the basic understanding and the accumulated experience of observation time and again, I believe you will also become a master fisherman!

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